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show of humility that when pope francis came out before he blessed the people he asked the people to pray for the pope and then very powerfully asked for silence as he had the whole world's attention. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. coming up at 6:30 we look at what is in a name. the bay area city that feels close to the new pontiff plus more from the vatican coming up at 6:30. several parents said they are pulling their kids out of a morgan hills preschool after a teacher was arrested forol allegedly trying to drug the toddlers.
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this mother picked occupy her daughter's belongings today and has no attention of letting her child return to kiddy academy because police arrested deborah gratz on felony child endangerment charges. they say she put sominex in the sippy cup of several children. this mom who asked that we not use her name is frustrated. she said the academy didn't tell her until tuesday. >> we needed to make sure my daughter is okay because safety is the most important thing and whether or not it was ever ingested. it gives us the right as a parent to make sure that we are protecting our children and because they waited until tuesday to let us know that meant that anything that could have been harmful might have actually gone through already or if there was something harmful taken us longer to get care. >> reporter: police say they are frustrated the academy didn't alert them friday.
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>> we weren't notified until monday so we didn't have anything to test. >> reporter: gratz was released from jail last night. we tried to talk to her at her home today. she didn't come out but a woman came out long enough to scream at reporters. police say gratz told her friday was the only time she put sominex in the sippy cup but investigators say it is a real possibility it was not the first time. kiddie academy says gratz was terminated immediately and they believe the cups were confiscated before the toddlers had a chance to drink out of them and we take the matter seriously. not seriously enough for this mom. that mother took her daughter to the emergency room for a full workup and is waiting for the lab results and she says the doctor told her prolonged exposure to sleep medication
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could cause liver damage in children. she plans to sue kiddie academy. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new details about a case that ended in suicide. the investigation by the police department based on evidence collected from computers, cell phones and in person interviews. the middle school teacher committed suicide after being accused of an improper relationship with students. evidence proved he had sexual relationships with two students and took illegal videos of adults and young people and collected child porn. the charges against the popular coach -- a political scandal has left thousands in santa clara county feeling left out in the cold. community organizers say they have no one to turn to as the
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former county supervisor abruptly resigned. how that resignation is creating a new crisis for several community organizations. >> reporter: this is where many san jose residents come for crisis intervention or other counseling services. this is also the time when the counseling center begins identifying budget priorities for the next fiscal year. but there is a problem. they don't have account supervisor to help them lobby for funds. >> to me this is the district that can least afford to not have a leader right now. >> reporter: the filing process opened today for those wanting to replace him as supervisor in district two, the poorest of the five county district. many worry that the special election is too late for a new supervisor to have a grasp of
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budget priorities. >> there won't be someone voting on the allocation of precious resources during the budget process. >> reporter: community groups are organizing, forming coalitions to identify those budget priorities. they want to meet with the candidates to ensure when the time comes to fight at the board of supervisors district two gets its share. >> we have a list that we need to fight for and we are going to raise our voices to make sure that the immigrant families and have a chance. >> reporter: board president announced he will oversee the district two office until a supervisor is elected. critics say it is not the same because he has his own district to fight for. >> will he do the best he can? i believe he will. is his heart in the right place? absolutely but i have concerns. this is district two and we have our own needs and challenges.
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>> reporter: nbc bay area news. a special election in san diego could be the key to opening the state's legislative grid lock. the election means the democrats have a supermajority again in the state senate. they have the 27 votes they need to raise taxes, override vetoes without republican cooperation. >> many are from districts that are very up in the air. democrats don't want to go too far out on a limb and neither do the republicans. >> democrats will keep their narrow supermajority in the assembly. there are several special elections on the horizon. a bay area campus known for a long history of political activism is back at it tonight. a group of u.c. berkeley skunts wants to have a bigger say in how the city operates. joe rosato, jr. shows us why the city says not so fast.
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>> reporter: a bustling day on the u.c. berkeley campus. the students is like a city within a city. a group of calstudents thinks it should have a say in city politics. >> we contribute every day to vendors in the city. we contribute by volunteering. >> reporter: as berkeley looks to redraw the council district students are proposing the city include calin a student district. that would include a spot for a student representative on the berkeley city council. >> we think it is time. we change that to get the 25% of the population to have a voice. >> reporter: that voice students say could offer a fresh perspective on issues that effect the campus and beyond. >> a student can bring a voice that has been missing for far too long. there are issues like safety,
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lighting on our streets, housing. >> reporter: measure r gave berkeley the green light to redraw the district. councilman supports the idea that students should have their own district and a seat at the civic table. >> the youngest person currently on the council it would nice to be somebody that isn't either bald or with gray hair. >> reporter: berkeley mayor isn't convinced it has to come from a student. >> the question is is the city going to be here for four years. >> reporter: the city expects to finish drawing by the end of the year possibility that along with homework and exams they could be dealing with angry constituents. a fix on what ails california colleges. 7,000 on waiting lists for classes for graduation. a bill was introduced to make
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california the first in the nation require that colleges accept credit for online courses. it is a badly needed fix but critics say it doesn't address the real issue of funding. it is all about time, mixing up california's night life. bars and night clubs may never be the same again. the potentially big change involving last call. also -- >> i'm scott budman from wall street to the roof of your home. green technology is taking off again. why that means more money and new jobs for the bay area. and then a seismic shift from earthquakes. and i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking down record setting heat. one of the warmest march 13th ever on record. numbers are starting to cool off into the 70s.
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we'll talk more about our chances of rain and when that returns coming up.
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a judge is calling tim cook into court. let's bring in scott budman with the details. >> we will start with tim cook who learned he will have to testify in the government's case against apple revolving around apple's entry in the ebook market. we don't know when cook is expected to testify. tech executives ahead of google's android division is stepping down. andy reuben says he will stay at google. not so for google's reader. the company saying it is dropping the reader expect the
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stampede to alternatives like flip board. your taste is movies is getting more social. netflix and facebook announcing a plan to let you post your movie tastes on the social network. the idea of sharing flicks with friends was popular among netflix investors. speaking of hot stocks we saw another ipo bringing new momentum to the green tech sector which is powering more of the bay area each day. an $80 million i.p.o. that saw investors flocking into silver spring networks as shares of palo alto's stock zoomed to all time highs and solar city saw its pose ipo stock price double. and then to top off the day u.s. secretary of the interior announced three new solar projects that combined will
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generate enough juice to power 340,000 homes. >> california not only leading the united states but leading the entire world on what we are doing with renewable energy. >> reporter: all this success comes as u.s. solar installations jumped by 76% in 2012 and solar market insight reports the average cost of the solar installation dropped 70%. >> the big factor is awareness. people are becoming more aware that the solution is there. i talked to people and they don't know that putting solar on the roof is cheaper than buying electricity from the utility. >> reporter: the skies are not all sunny for green tech. electric auto maker says its company deals with slow sales and delays. but for the most part green tech is paying off both in jobs and stock returns. >> it is a reflection of people
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opting to technology at a larger scale. >> a scale the bay area hopes will grow as our weather heats up. >> the solar market insight report sets the number of solar related jobs doubled and shares of silver spring network jumped 30% on the first day of trading. we have a look at the restaurant which was damaged by fire last week. general manager says it could be another week before they can assess the rebuilding process. now reservations are cancelled through march 30th. crews are busy inside trying to get rid of the smoke smell. >> we don't have a start date yet because we don't want to set up false expectations. so we are going to wait another week and then reassess and then we will be able to make a
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definitive date. >> it was the front porch that suffered the most damage. it is the center of the movement for local fresh organic food. the cause of the fire is under investigation but may have been an electrical problem. a new bill would allow california bars to be open until 4:00 a.m. senator wants to allow cities and counties to petition individually for later alcohol service. this is similar to policies in new york and other major cities. his bill would let night clubs and bars that stay open past 2:00 a.m. to continue serving alcohol. monday's earthquake in southern california wasn't big but was a big deal marking progress in the development of a quake warning system. the quake is being called a successful test for a new system.
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si it gave a 35 second warning before the quake. experts say that is notice enough for trains to stop and children to duck under school desks. the warnings are not made public because the system is still under the early testing process. let's send it to meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> nice and bright like your dress today. looking very good. a lot of you are enjoying this weather. i'm taking a little bit of freedom with that wardrobe and should have jeans and jackets. it was shorts outside. 44 degree temperature jump in gilroy. by 3:29 this afternoon 87 degrees. that is unheard of when you look at weather across the united states. normally it is about a 20 degree rule from your morning high to daytime afternoon temperature but our microclimate in full effect today and in the bay area there is no normal when it comes to looking at meteorologist.
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78 in los gatos. 74 in san jose. while it was warm inland it was not warm everywhere. santa cruz in the 70s but 66 in pacifica. a cooler chill in half moon bay. mid way through the work week and you can see cloud cover in palo alto. the sunset is magnificent. from emeryville a clear shot. no worries when it comes to fog. looking at the low center part of your screen and you can see cloud cover at your coast line. that will be fog coming back for tonight. storm track just off to the north. all of that rainfall in washington and oregon pacific northwest continues to get it. high pressure to the south. with the jet stream moving closer to us cloud cover will increase for tomorrow and we
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will find more fog for the morning hours. by the afternoon it will stay mild with wide spread 60s and 70s. pollen will be high and poor air quality as well into the mix. for tomorrow we start with the increased cloud cover. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. noon hour mid 60s inland and by the afternoon mid 70s. we should be out of the 80 degree category for thursday. not quite as hot with the increase in cloud cover. stays dry friday and saturday but we will have details on when the rain returns and you can get more at we'll see you a little later. turning an iphone into a microscope. how scientists use a smart phone. could electricity rates double in one bay area city? a new deal with shell oil in tonight's reality check. it hasn't happened in california in more than 50 years. the big change taking place later this month. we are back in two.
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administrators at an east bay high school are doing all they can to make tomorrow another regular school day in spite of a threatening message warning of a school shooting. police are maintaining a high profile. after the words i hate everyone was discovered yesterday in the girl's rest room. police briefed faculty and staff. they are questioning students and asking anyone with information to come forward. some parents aren't taking
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chances and have told the school that their kids won't be there tomorrow. >> we want it to be okay. we would prefer them to come in. we are close to testing and the report card period so we would like education to go on as normal. >> reporte the sound of silence, the grammy award winning musician for the san francisco symphony are on strike one week before leaving for a tour. orchestra members made the announcement today after meeting with a mediator failed to produce an agreement. the musicians donned l.a. dodgers caps for a protest
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making the point that they are paid less than musicians in the rival city to the south. they want a 5% pay rise. symphony says it is tapped out and has been operating in a deficit. it has been a wave of ups and downs trying to raise money for america's cup in san francisco. it was reported that organizers would have to raise about $28 million in private donations to host the race. new estimates show organizers have to raise about $3 million to cover the city's costs if tax revenue from the tourism comes in as projected. more details will be presented tonight in a board of supervisors meeting. a new tunnelal is more than two years overdue. we have a date for the grand opening. cal trans says the twin tunnel will open on march 25 named after the late congressman who championed efforts to build them
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and will replace the fresher stretch of road that often washed out during large storms. the opening will be preceded by a ceremony and a parade of historic cars. still ahead the plan that could have people skipping the doctor's office and heading straight to the pharmacy instead. a new pope and a new era. we're back in two minutes. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler!
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. we will show you the white smoke billows from the sistine chapel chimney signaling the new era in the catholic church. the great bell rang out confirmation that the church has a new leader. our coverage of pope francis i continues with the look at the history made. >> for the first time more than a millennium the pope comes from
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somewhere other than europe. he is a south american pontiff. the pope francis is the only jesuit ever to be elected to the highest office. he becomes the 266th pope. >> cardinal bergoglio took the name francis. >> reporter: the new pope as now mentioned took his name from saint francis of assisi, san francisco's namesake. the archbishop here in san francisco is already issuing an invitation to the new pope to come to the bay area and visit his city. that is not the only thing that bay area catholics are excited
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about. >> bells were ringing when i came so i suspected. >> reporter: and those suspicions were right. st. mary's church bells drew parisheners to the cathedral to pray while others gathered around an ipad anxiously watching as pope francis i made his first appearance. >> i was extremely anxious to see the new pope. and i was hoping it would be a latineo american. >> reporter: he is the first pope from south america and the first jesuit. latin american studies professor says he couldn't be more thrilled. >> it is one of the most proud latino americans, probably the most celebrated news in this century. >> reporter: san francisco's archbishop says the bay area
6:30 pm
shares several connections to the new pope. former san francisco archbishop cardinal was one of 115 cardinals who chose the new pope bringing a bay area perspective to the process. plus pope francis chose san francisco's namesake as his own. >> what a great honor for us the city that bears the name of saint francis. it heightened that sense of connection. >> reporter: bay area catholics say they hope pope francis will bring change to a church that is facing tough challenges including the sexual abuse crisis and a priest shortage. >> it is the pope but he is a human being and we certainly have had a lot of difficulties in the catholic church. i hope that he has some grace and be able to accomplish a great deal. >> reporter: st. mary's cathedral will hold a special mass tomorrow at noon to celebrate the new pope, the archbishop of san francisco will
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officiate that mass that will take place tomorrow at noon. reporting live in san francisco i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> i remember in 1987 when pope john paul ii came to san francisco. you mentioned cardinal was part of the conclave. has anyone had a chance to talk to him today? >> reporter: not yet. it was quite late when the new pope's identity was revealed in italy. folks here haven't had a chance to talk to him of course they are very anxious to do so. he is the first bay area catholic to ever take part in a concla conclave. it is quite historic. he has been in rome for the last two weeks and will be there until next week. he is expected to return here to the bay area and i'm sure there will be a lot of questions from folks here. >> it will be nice to get his perspective. thank you jodi hernandez. president obama weighed in
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saying quote on behalf of the american people, michelle and i offer our warm wishes to his holiness pope francis. as a champion of the poor and the most vulnerable among us he carries forth the message of love and compassion that has inspired the world for more than 2,000 years. it was certainly an extraordinary day in vatican city for the faithful. jay gray was there for the big announcement. that white smoke came after five votes and much later than most anticipated. >> reporter: what an amazing day here. thousands packed spilling out into the city in excitement over the election of a new pope and a new chapter in the long history of the catholic faith. at the vatican there is now a new pope as white smoke poured from the roof top of the sistine chapel the faithful, many
6:33 pm
waiting for hours erupted in celebration. after a day and a half of discussion, meditation and prayer the 115 voting cardinals reached agreement on the man they believe should now lead their faith. as bells oakoed thousands rushed in to be a part of history and see who would step out and into the difficult and demanding role as the 266th pope. and about an hour after the smoke first appeared french cardinal walked to the balcony and announced we have a pope. and then minutes later cardinal jorge mario bergoglio greeted the world. pope francis i, a fitting name since he is the first latin
6:34 pm
american pope to serve. part of his message to an anxious crowd. it seems to be that my brother cardinals chosen one from far away but here i am. what an amazing introduction to the world. he is getting busy right away and tomorrow will travel to meet with pope benedict. it is the first time in years it has been a possibility for two living popes to talk about the future of the church. saturday also something really unheard of you will have a papal press conference meeting with members of the media. and tuesday the inaugural mass with so many coming from around the world including delegation from the u.s. led by vice president biden. >> thank you very much. important week for catholics. we have complete section on our website just dedicated to the election of the new pope
6:35 pm
including video of all of the celebration and more about what goes into the pope's naming choice. the u.s. military is in the hot seat tonight over its handling of sexual assault cases. today on capitol hill victims told their stories. >> that same year i was raped again by another soldier in my unit. >> new legislation to help victims get justice. the pentagon estimates 19,000 sexual assaults occur within the ranks each year. only a fraction of those get reported. the military admits it needs to do more to prevent sexual assaults and bring those accused of them to justice. president obama was back on capitol hill to meet with house republicans one day after they released their budget proposal. he left sounding upbeat. the senate budget committee released the plan raising taxes by almost $1 trillion over the next decade but cutting spending by almost a trillion by closing
6:36 pm
tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy. republicans are pushing for a balanced budget by repealing obama care. the president's budget proposal is due in early april. one year after japan's deadly tsunami the cleanup is beginning here on the west coast. janelle wang is here with our world tonight. >> japan is giving california $1 million to help clean up the debris washing up to our shores and giving oregon and washington $1 million each. 1.5 million metric tons of debris will reach the west coast. a new report reveals chilling details in the deaths of 900 protesters during egypt's uprising. police were behind nearly all of the killings and used snipers from roof tops to shoot into the
6:37 pm
crowd. the new information could affect hosni mubarak's new trial. mubarak was convicted of not doing more to prevent protester death. north korea stepping up its military threat tonight. state television showed leader visiting an army facility located on an island in disputed waters. president kim had threatened to launch a nuclear attack against the u.s. after its support for tougher u.n. sanctions against the regime. those are your world headlines. should you have to pay double for green? we separate fact from fiction when it comes to the real price of san francisco's proposed new power program. making that smart phone even smarter. a tiny tweak turning the iphone into a medical microscope. we had mid and upper 80s today. temperatures cooling off a
6:38 pm
little bit with low to mid 70s here across the bay area. while we are looking at warm weather we are looking at an increasing allergy forecast. everything off the charts.
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in health matters a california legislator is offering up a unique solution to what he says is an upcoming doctor shortage in the state. state senator released a new map showing 42 california counties that he says will face a critical doctor shortage when the president's new health care reform takes full effect. he is pushing a bill to offer them to work as primary care
6:41 pm
providers. many of the health professionals are overeducated and under utilized. we can add microscope to the list of things an iphone can do. capable of detecting worm related infections in children. researchers taped a lens to the iphone camera and took the tool to tan zuneea. they held them up to the make shift microscope and they can see the parasites easily. the tool can offer doctors a powerful tool to stop the spread of disease. we're back in two minutes. what do you think of this one?
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san francisco considers itself one of the greenest cities in the country. city policy can be costing many people money. >> critics say it would nearly double your rate. in tonight's reality. >> a group of supervisors approved the deal with shell. now all that stands in the way of renewable and expensive energy for 90,000 san francisco residents is city approval.
6:44 pm
will some rates nearly double under the new deal? the answer is they won't double but might go up enough to grab your attention. in a city that prides itself on things uniquely san franciscan leaders are trying to get out front on a concept that fits right in with local identity, 100% renewable energy for san francisco. >> it is california certified renewable energy and some of the cleanest energy available. green energy does come at a premium cost. it is a premium product and so customers will have to pay a little more. >> reporter: this is spokesperson for clean power, the city group behind a deal with shell oil. he says rates would rise for customers under an agreement with shell but wouldn't double. >> almost doubling of the electric generation rate. it is not what i think. it is what it has told its rate board. >> reporter: hunter stern represents the workers union,
6:45 pm
the folks behind this stop the shell shock campaign who contend the rates could double and here is their proof. a recent presentation by the public utilities commission that projects rates going from .078 to .15 saying the rates would almost exactly double. the numbers are accurate but don't tell the whole story. >> there are many line items on your current electricity bill. we are only changing the generation line item because we are changing to 100% renewable. >> reporter: if you factor in the cost for transmission, distribution and billing which will remain the same under the deal and the rate jump is far less than double but still sizable depending on how much energy you use. according to clean power sf's own data the most typical customers will be increases of
6:46 pm
$10 and $21 a month respecti respectively. that means between 55 and 47% more after a new deal than they would right now. while that might not be double the rates it is healthy enough for about 90,000 sann francisc n franciscans. >> everybody should disclose the information and the facts. the main fact that is not disclosed is shell energy for up to five years. >> reporter: clean power sf says there is currently some awareness among city residents about a possible deal with shell but will be ramping up the information campaign if, in fact, it is finalized. those eligible will be automatically enrolled and have the option to opt out without a fee. you will pay a premium for renewable energy, maybe not double. the claim is mostly false. i'm sam brock and that is the
6:47 pm
reality check. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. our co anchor here has matched the weather with her outfit. >> warm with the orange but sizzling tonight. temperatures way up here in the south bay. one of the hottest gilroy at 87 degrees. this is more like may here across the bay area. morgan hill with 84. sweltering for this time of the year. santa rosa 80. that 87 in gilroy will go down as one of the warmest ever march 13ths. the old record was 83 degrees. let's take you outside tonight. this picture says it all if you are cooking dinner you have to come to the tv to take a look at this. the sunsetting over the golden gate bridge. there is a thin layer of marine air that will begin to filter in more fog like we had this morning for tomorrow morning.
6:48 pm
storm track is just off to the north. we are seeing it moderate a little bit. it is pushing slowly off to the south. that will be good enough tomorrow to get us out of the 80 degree category. not a huge pool day expected for tomorrow. cloud cover will start to increase. temperatures will slightly cool off but we are not looking at a major cool down. i think a lot of you will enjoy what is coming our way for thursday and friday. we will have jacket weather at the coast. 50s and 60s there. interior valleys mainly 70s once we get over the fog for the morning hours. morning temperatures starting with a little cloud cover increasing. 42 in red wood city. 48 in san jose. 46 in livermore. some of the visibilities in the north bay and the coast could go down to less than a quarter of a mile. daytime highs on thursday will be above average but not as hot as today. 74 in san jose. 77 in gilroy. for the east bay another round
6:49 pm
of low 70s coming our way, getting close to the mid 70s. 73 in pleasanton. and back by the bay we will find 69 in almeida and 73 in free mont. 73 in santa rosa and 50s in bodegga bay. microclimates tomorrow. we'll stay dry as we throughout friday and saturday. if your garden wants rain and you want something different out there besides sunshine we have it coming back for you as we head into next week. by wednesday that will be the first day of spring. we are tracking rain. so you know mother nature i think looking at the calendar going i have deprived you of all of this wet weather. spring will start. temperatures will drop into the 60s and we get about a quarter inch. >> spring showers. >> i'm not going to argue. i like it. let's get sports.
6:50 pm
a very busy scott reiss joining us now. all sorts of things happening in the nfl. >> further evidence that there is no nfl offseason. yesterday gave us a free agent frenzy the likes of which we really never see in the league. today more moves, several involving incoming or outgoing 49ers. first the coming. they signed defensive tackle glen dorsey to a two year deal. the fifth overall pick in the 2008 draft. he averaged about 31 tackles in kansas city. farewell to sean goldson. the safety comes to terms on a five year deal with tampa bay reportedly worth $41.25 million with $22 million of that guaranteed. a two time pro bowler played last season under the franchise tag. and this one is going to take a while to get used to
6:51 pm
seeing. alex smith kansas city chief. smith excited for the opportunity to start again and help get the chiefs going in the right direction. >> i made it clear to the 49ers that i wanted to play. i did not want to sit there and wasn't ready to be a backup. and they made it clear that they weren't going to release me and the process started about potential teams. there was no doubt in my mind this is where i wanted to be. pac 12 tournament. arizona state late second half. asu by four. a foul. he hit the free-throw, ties the game. an awesome basketball game but for cardinal fans it does not go their way. carson had a game high 34 and the sun devils win 89-88. they advance in the pac 12 tournament. nascar driver jeff gordon went under cover for a pepsi max
6:52 pm
promotional prank which we may or may not have to show to you. gordon pretended to be a shy customer interested in buying a camaro. gordon floors it and takes the poor guy on a wild ride yelling at one point i'm going to kill you. stop, stop, oh god almighty stop. when they clued the salesman in he laughed. funny stuff. reminded me of raj zooming down 280. keep it under control. >> thank you, scott. go ahead. >> for a full half hour of bay area's sports coverage you can watch sportsnet central. you're the best driver.
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the city of san jose is trying to explain why the faa says it illegally diverted millions of dollars in the city's illegal fund. the investigative unit uncovers the paper trail between the city and the airport. >> tony kovaleski is here with a look at his investigation. government accountability delayed. >> three years after your tax dollars funded this draft audit action remains stalled. our investigation raising questions about your tax dollars and your government. >> taxpayers help the people that fly in and out of your
6:56 pm
airport understand how three years later this isn't finished. >> i don't think that is one of the finer aspects of government. surely we would have all liked to have gotten it done sooner. i don't like to make excuses. three years is by anybody's standards excessive. >> reporter: the faa accused the city of san jose of illegally diverting funds. that is a serious accusation. >> those terms are serious. >> we invite you to tune in for our full investigation of the city of san jose, the airport and the faa. it is government waste and your money. if you have a tip tony or anyone on our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. >> thanks for joining us. we hope to see you at 11:00.
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>> now on "extra" -- miley and liam calling off the wedding? the giant headlines today, did "mad men's" january jones break them up? >> people think you're a home wrecker. >> plus, where we found liam hiding out thousands of miles way. >> bachelor's no sex until wedding vows. is his future bride on board. plus -- >> he did "bachelorette" and "the bachelor" and now "dancing and then tv wedding. what does this guy do for a live something >> how sean as breaking in on tv's reality star. >> the new pope. everything you don't know about pope francis. the om rome to right here, cathedral in new york. now trending, new theory on what made jodi arias snap. halle's eye-popping cleavage-bearing dress. >> i like this better. >> how many times jay was busted checking her out.
6:59 pm
>> and two victoria's secret angels live at the grove telling mario their swimsuit secrets. >> i love a push-up. >> i love that too! >> "extra," "extra"! jen aniston and justin theroux already married? big rumor they pulled off a >> how he got me to do this. >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. jen aniston and justin theroux already married? big rumor they pulled off a secret wedding coming up. >> that would be big time. first miley cyrus spotted without her engagement ring. today, we're hearing it's officially over with liam hemsworth. >> jerry has all of the new clues today. >> his wandering eye. her wild-child partying. eight months after their engagement, are miley and liam's i dos now we won'ts? >> everyone looks like they're splitting up.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 14, Francis 12, Us 9, California 9, The City 5, U.s. 5, Berkeley 4, San Jose 4, Jeff Ranieri 3, Faa 3, Gordon 2, Nbc 2, Justin Theroux 2, Jodi Hernandez 2, Scott Budman 2, Miley 2, Jen Aniston 2, Washington 2, New York 2, Kansas City 2
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